3 Effective Tips for Weekend Warriors

The traditional 9-5 doesn’t always lend itself to putting in countless hours practicing with the goal to improve your golf game.So we wanted to give  you weekend warriors out there some simple tips that will substantially improve your golf game and scores. If you are already rocking a Rowan Kace polo in the office, dreaming about how you can sneak out to the links, this is the perfect read for you. However, before I dive right into things, I do want to ensure you understand these are suggestions I know will work when used at the proper time. I am personally aware that every golfer has what I like to call their “golf dna.” I grew up always playing in weekend skins games with my pop’s group, and as we all know, it takes birdies or better to win skins. Therefore, when I got to college my coach had to tame my aggressiveness because like in the national championship my freshman year, I was liable to shoot 86 the first round and 69 the next (tough pill to swallow!) With that being said these are tips, if used at the right time, that will decrease your number of atrocious golf rounds. So let’s get into it.

1 - STOP attacking back pins.

This is a lesson I am still trying to learn. I get it… That back pin is just calling your name as a light breeze just barely moves the flag. Birdie seems so much easier from 6 feet away instead of taking your medicine and playing for the center of the green. Now don’t get me wrong, if you are on hole 11 and you’ve been dialed in all day, go for it champ. However, if you aren’t playing so well or it’s the beginning of the round, a mistake here can make or break you. Let me explain; In most cases when the flag is in the back, by going long you short side yourself on the next shot. I think it’s safe to assume after going long, you put a lot of pressure on yourself to get up and down, but this will not be the easiest place to get up and down from. Not to mention the mental stress of hitting a good pitch shot and making the putt, or a decent pitch shot and a mentally daunting 12 footer to save par. Instead by taking your medicine on your approach shot playing it 5-10 yards short (only 15 - 30 feet) gives you a decent look at birdie. If you miss, no big deal, clean up for par and move on about your business. You just saved yourself a whole lot of mental stress by playing high percentage shots… you’re welcome. 

2 - DO NOT hit to the inside of dog legs. 

I know it’s super cool to pull out driver and cut the corner only leaving yourself a flip wedge in, but how often does this bite you in the butt? This goes back to what I said in tip number one, It is extremely important during the duration of your golf round to hit high percentage shots. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most important reason is mental stress. In any round of golf you’ve got about three and a half hours of mental decisions to make. When you play for high percentage shots, you take the mental stress out of the round and allow yourself to do what you are already capable of doing. Now back to the dog leg… just play to the outside of the dog leg. If you miss hit it you still leave yourself a play for your approach shot. If you try to take the aggressive play and hit to the inside of your dog leg you bring out of bounds in play. Even if you don’t go out of bounds, it’s likely your second shot will be a punch out or a tremendously stupid second that will probably stack on to the mistake you could have avoided on the first shot. 

3 - Use what you came to the course with

This is a concept that is extremely difficult for most golfers to grasp, including myself. When I say use what you came to the course with, I don’t mean your equipment… that’s obvious. I mean whatever golf game you’ve  brought. Whether that is a nasty thirty yard slice, or a low slinging hook. Today you are just going to have to play it, and here’s why. When most people play golf, it’s with intentions to shoot the lowest score possible for yourself that day. You didn’t come out to “fix” your swing. The chances of that happening in one single round of golf is nearly impossible. If that were the case, there would be a lot more people on tour. Also, I’ve got to touch on the mental aspect of this as well. The conscious mind can only think, and execute on one thing at a time. So if your thought is to get a full rotation, stay centered, shift your weight forward, and lay the shaft back in transition… you are doomed. Instead like in every other sport we need to focus more on being result and target oriented. If I asked you to shoot a basketball you wouldn’t think about how much your knees bend, how your wrist releases, or the form of your elbow. No, you would just look at the target and execute with the best you have. Unlike basketball, in golf you can hit 3 bad shots and one really good one and still make par. 

I hope you take these tips into consideration during your next golf round. I truly aim to make golf more enjoyable for all my readers. There’s nothing more satisfying than collecting money at the end of the round, or just knowing you beat the buddy that’s been talking trash for way too long. With all that being said, make sure you come back for more. We hope to share as much knowledge as possible, in hopes to bring you more smiles on and off the course. 

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