6 Reasons You Should Try Our Shirt

Being fed up with knowing my traditional cotton blend shirt looked really sharp on the course, but would soon be a whole different color due to the sweat, really got annoying. However, switching to your common polyester shirt eliminated that problem, but the post round odor made you a lack of a chick magnet to say the least. So by using a natural performance fabric with amazing feel we eliminated those issues and here are 6 reasons you should give us a try.

1 - Undeniable Comfort

We can’t express it enough, if you order one of our shirts and you are not blown away at first touch, throw it in the package and ship it back… no questions asked. Unlike other synthetic materials, our naturally soft fabric feels better than flushing a 2 iron. With a fabric that feels this buttery soft, comfort is absolutely undeniable and your skin will thank you.

2 - Breathable

What if you could wear a shirt that felt as if you were wearing nothing? Our lightweight fabric is more breathable than cotton, wool, and other synthetic fabrics and creates a feeling of pure freedom.

3 - No More Re-tucks

We all know about the dreadful re-tuck that seems to never go away once it starts. Ditch the sloppy look of having either the front or back of your shirt hanging out. With our 4 way stretch fabric, our shirts comfortably move and bend with you.

4 - It’s not stinky

We wanted the perfect polo that could be worn from course to casual. So after the round enjoy your night in our shirts, knowing that our bamboo fibers are naturally resistant to odor.

5 - Thermo-regulating

There’s nothing worse than wearing a sweaty uncomfortable shirt that traps heat. Bamboo is the perfect fabric to keep you not only dry, but cool when the temperature increases.

6 - UV Protective

Forgot the sunscreen at home? No biggie, our bamboo fabric is naturally UPF 50+ to protect you from those harsh rays out on the course… Needless to say, this shirt was made with the sunny day golfer in mind.

With all that being said, give us a shot and we truly think you'll fall in love. If not; no biggie, with hassle-free returns just throw it back in the box and send it back. We'll cover the shipping to return your item(s).