The Perfect Drill To Eliminate The Dreadful Fat Shot

There is no feeling worse than hitting a pure tee shot right down the middle, leaving yourself an ideal yardage. Then, on your very next shot, laying over the sod. It’s almost as if you just wasted a swing, and that feeling can be quite discouraging. The common practice to prevent this from happening for most golfers is either slamming the ball in the back of your stance, or trying to manipulate the club head with your hands. However, getting your hands involved in your golf swig can be very dangerous. So, here is a drill to help you start hitting pure golf shots.

The first thing you are going to want to do is set up your practice area for success. You will need the following items:

  • Two alignment rods (golf clubs will do)
  • Towel
  • Optimistic attitude

For the right handed golfer, set one alignment rod on the outside of the golf ball pointing slightly right off the target (slightly right because it should be parallel to the target line). Set another alignment rod on the inside of the golf ball , slightly left off the target line (again, creating a parallel line with your target line). Finally place a towel flat between the two alignment rods, slightly behind the golf ball. See visual below for help:



Now, you are going to want to make full golf swings hitting the ball, but avoiding hitting the towel. By hitting balls using this drill, your body will naturally adapt to find ways to prevent hitting the towel. Fat shots are generally caused when your body doesn’t rotate properly in the golf swing causing your hands to overcompensate. What you will find is, this drill forces the feeling of getting the hands out in front of you and the body and shoulders rotating hard to the left. (Hint: do not try to do anything with your hands, and DO NOT try to rotate hard left from the top of the swing.) Make natural swings allowing your body to pull your hands down in the slot in transition, and let your body learn to turn hard left covering the ball with your chest. Check out a video visual on our Instagram here. In this case, it’s not all in the hips, and definitely not in the hands. Now get out there, and start hitting some clean golf shots. You will find it is much easier to solve other problems when you have clean ball contact.

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