Better Shirts In A Better Way

We truly believed we could create a better, more versatile golf polo, so we set out to do it. No more plastic feeling polos that trap heat and odor. With that in mind we sought after only the highest quality and softest fabrics we could get our hands on. We envision the perfect go to polo, not lacking in quality or performance, yet easy on your wallet.

Our Passion

Our passion is golf and people. We thrive on relationships and the game has blessed us to connect to wonderful people. We feels it’s our time to give back to not only the sport of golf, but people too.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create golf apparel that’s made better, looks better, and feels better. There are three main priorities that we hold to creating better golf apparel and it’s key to accomplishing our mission

Simple Design

Less is more, it's simple. No flashy logos and no pointless design. Just functional shirts for on the course and off.

Sustainable Materials

Golf shirts made in a better way. A road less traveled, but totally worth it in the eyes of mother-nature.

Stupid Comfortable

Shirts made to be comfortable in every way. From how it functions on the course to how it feels against your skin.

Meet The Knuckle Head Dreamers

Two cousins, Darion and Camron, lived together while playing golf in college. Darion grew a fascination with textiles, specifically bamboo fabric, while working on another company in college for some spare cash. After years of research and experimenting with all sorts of textiles, Darion pitched an idea to Camron. Extremely comfortable and simply designed golf shirts made to deal with the annoying conditions they dealt with growing up in Houston, Texas and playing college golf. Inspired by Darion’s infant son and his pure love and joy for the game of golf, Darion and Camron decided to tee the idea up and swing away at it.